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Venetian carousel
A huge carousel full of horses and comfortable royal carriages. The bell rings, the music plays, so jump in, buckle up and it's spinning! A timeless classic that you simply must experience.

Price with Plaground card: 3 credits
Payment in cash 80 CZK

Arcade game room
Go on a journey through Jurassic Park, try basket shooting, hunt zombies from a pirate ship and much more!

Payment possible only by Playground card, price of individual arcades 2-3 credits
Mirror Maze
Experience a lot of fun in a maze full of light effects
and soundscapes on 100 m² of a tricky labyrinth. Good luck finding a way out.

Price with Playground card:
6 credits

Payment in cash 150 CZK
Hydraulic excavators
Can you dig up all 10,000 balls? Dredging success!

Price with Playground card:
2 credits

Payment in cash 50 CZK