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Visit our great cafe and choose from a wide selection of salty snacks and sweet treats. Taste delicious coffee and other drinks and make your best day ever even more beautiful.


Try the unique Mini Melts ice cream balls at The Playground!
The unique consistency of individual balls is created by patented cryogenic technology
using liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -197°C. Thanks to this, they do not form water crystals or air bubbles

and do not contain any artificial preservatives or dyes!

On the first floor, near the hydraulic diggers, you will find a vending machine, where you simply choose from a range of flavors and a special suction cup delivers a bag of balls including a spoon directly to you.

Taste the untraditional ice cream!


Simple fluff, or perhaps a cup of cotton candy? So out of style!
In the Vatomat on the first floor near the escalators, you will find a selection of 32 designs in various color combinations and shapes. You simply choose your dream look on the display and pay contactless or cash. Then you watch how the sugary goodness is formed right before your eyes!

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